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Healing Communities

True Service Incorporated goal is to assist families and persons who are faced with social challenges with a Christian Worldview. It is steeped in our belief that what negatively affects one affects us all.  This philosophy is demonstrated in our strategic partnerships with other community service agencies in building Healing Communities.

Healing Communities go further. They press for reintegration in their desire to best serve men and women returning from the incarceration, victims and their families. Faith Communities offer what programs and agencies usually do not—a place where non-judgment, acceptance, love, caring, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption and restoration can occur.

By drawing upon these unique strengths of faith communities, the goal of this model is to transform hearts and minds, create a sense of welcome inclusion, reduce the stigma and shame associated with incarceration and criminal records, and build networks of support that start in houses of worship and expand to the community at large. If you or someone you know could benefit from these services contact us. 

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