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The focus of the Trues Services is to provide individuals and families with Christian Worldview practices and personal development solutions to reduce recidivism and help those in need of our services to become productive members of society. Our committee members will apply Biblical principles to help each individual become mentally sound, emotionally sound, socially adjusted physically well and spiritually renewed. Our steering committee Esther Project 31 has Faith-based Navigators that are ready to assist any: church, synagogue, community action agency, persons and family who are in need of Restorative Justice services unique to their situation. 


On Site

  • Workforce Training & Development

  • Transition to Permanent Housing Assistance

  • Case Management

  • DHS- Department of Human Services Assistance

  • Bridge Card Food Assistance

  • Probation and Parole Assistance

  • Clothing Assistance

  • Support Groups & Daily Bible Studies

  • Computer Skills Instruction

  • Resume Building

  • Tutoring - Including GED Prep and College Courses

The Esther Project 31 

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