Your Involvement

Sponsoring a local Restorative Justice team, is great because you get to continue confirm and establish goodwill and show the community that you’re a reliable partner that’s able and willing to support all things local. It is through sponsors like you that those in need of help can be restored by generous donations. When you sponsor through Restoration Abba homes, you offer a hand up — not a handout — to a family working to lift themselves out of transitional reintegration, family reunification and rehabilitation crisis through hard work, initiative, and hope.

Your monthly contribution of $50 directly benefits the specific individual you sponsor to help meet their basic needs.

But your sponsorship does so much more. With your support, our program empowers sponsored individuals and their families with tools to achieve self-sufficiency.Local staff members work with sponsored families on how to best use their benefits to achieve personal and family goals. This may include resources for:

  • Nutrition

  • Health care

  • Education and skills training

  • Living conditions

  • Seed capital for business or Community gardening 

Thanks to your support and encouragement, program participants and families are able to invest in their education, develop livelihoods and become active community participants.

Over time, they rely less on sponsorship and more on their own income-generation activities.


Sponsorship is a great way to show that your business supports community collaboration and healing. When you choose to sponsor.


True Service Inc. seeks sponsorship opportunities for returning citizens and family reunification  for those seeking housing without stigma and shame. The sponsored residents gleans support  without isolation while being restored to a healing community.  



Transform the lives of those affected by crime  when you sponsor a Restoration ABBA Home. Every gift builds a Healing Community where lives can be transformed. We offer various house sponsorship levels and benefits for those looking to provide financial and volunteer support:



In kind donations are acceptable for: work boots or shoes, Food,Lining clothing and household appliances, tools, and supplies, gas cards, bus passes computers, ie. software, drywall and painting.



Volunteer Support Programs allows the patrons to benefit from your gift products services that keep on giving "Restoration." A True sense of philanthropic pride in knowing that they helped further a worthy cause.


PLATINUM HAMMER ($75,000 – $100,000)

  • Private Habitat garden party

  • Featured on True Service Inc. website

  • All Gold Hammer benefits

GOLD HAMMER ($50,000 – $74,999)

  • Professional photo keepsake

  • Visit with the Restored

  • All Silver Hammer benefits

SILVER HAMMER ($25,000 – $49,999)

  • Participation in home dedication

  • Featured on True Service

  • All Bronze Hammer benefits

BRONZE HAMMER ($10,000 – $24,999)

  • 8-inch sponsorship sign

  • All Nickel Hammer benefits

COPPER HAMMER ($5,000 – $9,999)

  • 4-inch sponsorship sign on house

  • All Nickel Hammer benefits

NICKEL HAMMER ($2,000 – $4,999)

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